/ breɪn fahrt /    noun.

An OH $#!T moment that can render someone or something useless until resolved, usually after extensive research, worry and stress. 
Brain Farts generally stop all forward motion in life, both personally and professionally, and usually cost a person significant sums of money.

You know those OH $#!T moments we have in life? Of course you do. We all have them - some of us on a regular basis!

When they happen in our personal lives, they're usually of no importance.

But when they happen in our businesses, they can cost us everything.

So help me Stop the Brain Farts!

Get on the waitlist for the opening of Business Brain Farts™ - an 8 week comprehensive course all about the back end of business. 

This is all the stuff they SHOULD teach in business school, but don't!

Read more about Business Brain Farts™ below!

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The Business 101 Course That SHOULD Be Taught In School!
Let's face it - everyone is talking about the new sexy marketing techniques and how to make millions - but no one is showing you HOW to do it!

What if I told you the secret was actually behind the scenes - in the systems that run your business!

This comprehensive 8-week course covers everything you need to start and grow your business - starting with your business back-end - so you can avoid those OH $#!T Brain Fart moments before they can cost you everything!
You're Not Making Enough Profit 
Because Of These Mistakes!
You dream of having an easy life with your business. You want what most people promote online - run a business from anywhere in the world, make tons of money, travel and enjoy your dream life.

But it turns out that the life you dreamed of is NOT the one you're living. Instead of travel, you're stuck in your 'office'. Instead of profits, your business drains your savings. Instead of an easy life, you're struggling.

It's not your fault! It's because you weren't actually prepared for what a business needs, how to structure your back end and how to get things running smoothly. 

It's simple. Most people, when they start up their business, don't think about all the administrative stuff they need, like setting up the right corporate type, getting insurance, hiring attorneys or accountants, and a lot more.

They're seduced with sparkly marketing tactics, promises of fancy cars and dream vacations....
But then reality hits...
An IRS Audit
They don't have the right accountant, so now they're being audited by the IRS and owe thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties and interest...
A Lawsuit
They don't have contracts in place or disclaimers on their websites, 
so a judge rules against them...
An Employee Accident
They didn't have the right insurance coverage, and now an injured employee can sue them for tons of money...
Non-Paying Customers
They don't know how to collect past-due payments from customers, so they just keep begging for payment, but the customer ignores them...
Out Of Control Expenses
Their bookkeeping is a mess so they can't track their expenses, which leads to costs spiraling out of control...
Thieving Employees
They didn't have the right paperwork in place, so when their former employee stole from them, they couldn't recover anything...
Financial Fraud
They ignored their financial statements, so they didn't spot the 
fraud until it was too late...
A Complete Disaster
They didn't have a doomsday plan, so they couldn't 
recover after a major disaster...
Any number of problems can come up during the course of business, and usually, 
when they happen, they produce an OH $#!T moment. 

These are Brain Farts. 

Which can usually be avoided when you put the right system into place.

But the business 'gurus' don't teach you all that. Heck, even colleges don't teach you this stuff!

They teach you a bunch of theory, or sparkly trending information that doesn't actually help 
you get your business back end running smoothly.

No, the admin side of business isn't sexy. 

Not in any way, shape or form!

But it is VITAL to the health and survival of your business.

So where do you go to learn all this stuff?

Introducing Business Brain Farts™, where you learn the basics of business from the ground up. And you're not learning theory - you're learning real-world systems and techniques from an expert in the trenches.
And these are systems and techniques that are tried and true.

Business Brain Farts™ is actually taught by an entrepreneur who has helped dozens of small business owners just like you get their admin cleaned up, their bookkeeping straightened out, hire the right employees, get the right insurance coverage and get all the protections in place that small business owners need right from DAY 1.

Business Brain Farts™ starts June 10th, so get on the wait list so you'll know when enrollment opens!
For the past 20 years, I've worked with small business owners just like you start, maintain and scale their businesses, and during that time I kept seeing the same issues pop up time and again.

So I set out to put together training that can help business owners skip all the headaches and heartaches by having everything set up the way it should be, in the order you really should do it.

I started digging for the best trainings and working with the brightest people, looking for those gold nuggets that I could pass along to help my fellow business owners avoid the needless hassles 
I've seen over the years in many different industries.

After watching countless videos and hearing different opinions on the same topics from dozens of different business "Gurus" without getting the information I knew YOU deserved, I realized that there's just too much damn mis-information out there...

So I took matters into my own hands...

And with #TheBoss' help....

Created my OWN training to fill in that gap!

There's nothing out there, even college classes, that teach the REAL trainings you need to become a successful business owner, covering topics like how to set up your company, how to choose an accountant or attorney, how to rent office space, 
how to hire employees and much, much more.

And that's how Business Brain Farts came to be!

It's the only comprehensive, Business 101 training out there that will help you start your business, get it running on auto-pilot and then scale it to your 
wildest dreams!

Sara, Your Business Ninja
Cheshire, a/k/a #TheBoss
What's Covered In Business Brain Farts™?
Module 1: 
You Gotta Have a Plan
We start off with an evaluation of where you are and where you need to be. Then we're going to outline everything that you need to do to get there.
Module 2: 
The Financial Schtuff
This module covers everything financial, because, let's face it - without profit, you don't have a business! We'll cover everything you need to know about you corporate structure, accountants, bookkeepers, software and more.
Module 3: 
The Judgmental Jurist
Module 3 covers items you need to have to make sure you're protected from lawsuits. We'll also cover how to handle them, how to search for an attorney, copyrights & trademarks and contracts.
Module 4:
Customer Conundrum
Here's where we're really going to outline your customer avatar and really dig deep into finding out exactly what your customers want. We'll also create your customer avatars for marketing purposes for laser targeting.
Module 5: 
Marketing Mayhem
In this module, we're going to get your marketing set up and ready for action. We'll discuss what tools you need right away as a bare minimum to establish your social presence, based on your customer avatar.
Module 6: 
Licenses, Taxes & Buildings Oh My!
Module 4 is going to tackle the stuff that most owners don't think about, like licenses, sales taxes, renting office space and more. We're also going to talk about planning for Federal/State taxes so you can be sure to cover them at the end of the year!
Module 7: 
The Doomsday Plan
This is your doomsday locker - planning for the worst. And while you may not want to think about all this shit - and believe me, no one does - you need to!
Module 8: 
Planting for Growth
Here's where we'll talk more about planting the seeds for growth, such as planning for future taxes, changing corporate structures, hiring your first real employee (not contractor or VA) and creating a blueprint for scaling.
What's Inside Business Brain Farts™:
8 Modules of Action Training
Each week, you'll receive a new section of your business back-end to work on, along with worksheets, instructional videos and checklists to help you get organized FAST!
Special Surprise Guests ($5000 Value)
During the course, we're going to have some surprise experts join us to answer questions and give us insights into their industries. You won't want to miss this!
8 Weeks of Group Coaching ($1997 Value)
You won't get your admin straight without accountability and the ability to ask questions and get guidance. You'll get 8 weeks of group calls, where you can ask questions specific to your business and get super support!
Lifetime Access ($999 Value)
You'll access to the course for life, including all the updates we do! So you can always stay on top of business trends, stay current on tax deductions and keep your business profitable!
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